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Guanyida's business purpose: Focusing on the field of optics,we continue to innovate and fully implement the brand strategy to create greater value for customers, employees and society.

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GUANYIDA Brand: As one of the top 10 brands of magnifying glass,optical magnifying glass industry,since we started,we have applied for More than fifty independent intellectual property rights.GUANYIDA,the most outstanding private enterprise, attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, focus on independent research and development.



Committed to Leading the World’s New Trend 


Keeping up the pace of the times, GUANYIDA absorbs and digests advanced design ideas in the world, strives to have significant breakthrough on products’ appearance and functions, and applies for patents, so that consumers can use new patented products with more practical, more beautiful and more reliable features.

On July,26th,2013, our first high-tech coating hard production line for magnifying glass lens was established and put into operation, thus the hardness reached above 3H.It is currently the only one specialized coating hard production line on the magnifying glass lens in mainland China.


Conducting 100% Full Inspection before shipment


All raw materials must pass the IQC incoming inspection, and they must be qualified before entering the warehouse and online production;Employees must do checks for semi-finished products, and only eligible products can be passed on to the next working procedure;The important process LQC should be 100% full inspection of the appearance and function of the product, and the qualified one can flow into the next process.Only 100% qualified products can be packaged before put in storage or shipment.


we have been operating under the ISO9001:2000 guidelines since we started.We are the first magnifying glass enterprise who passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification in mainland China.Because of our strictness,we passed the BSCI certification of the Society Responsibility System on July 8,2010 and all our products are compliant with CE standard and RoHS Directive.


Never produce fake and inferior products


We have own brand products, and has applied for China patents;We don't produce other brand and other patented products, unless a qualified legal authorized;We will never sell fake and inferior products, and actively cooperate with the national related department to fight all the infringing act, letting consumers buy at ease.


Strive to meet and exceed customers’ demand.


Listen carefully to customer opinions, understand customer needs in order to resolve customer’s pain points. We have implement TQS comprehensive quality service management. Regardless of product quality or service quality, both are based on the prerequisite of consumer satisfaction in order to meet and exceed customer needs.On July 08, 2010,we won the German BSCI Social Responsibility Management System Certification Certificate, certificate number: 14407, which was reviewed by social responsibility organizations sponsored by the largest business community in Europe.


GUANYIDA enterprises principles: World professional manufacturer of high-quality magnifier


GUANYIDA values: Benefit consumers, Enjoy Good Credit Worldwide.


GUANYIDA MISSION:By using the collective wisdom and the method of innovation,find a simple solution to research and develop,manufacture and sell the most reliable,safe and easy to use magnifier with advanced manufacturing technology and efficient marketing network.Under the premise of ensuring cost, we are committed to the  innovation and improvement of production efficiency efficiency. Under the premise of reducing scrap rate and reducing material loss, we can ensure quality and comprehensive cost savings from all angles to produce competitive products with high quality and reasonable price, improve consumers' quality of life and make the world a better place.

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Phone: +86-755-77832118 33832119
Fax: +86-755-84890415
Mobile: +86-13825367786
Address : Unit B Yinkeli Industrial Park , Shabeili,Longdong,Longgang Street,Longgang District,Shenzhen,China

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